I never intended to confuse anyone with the new look and software. But I want to assure you that most of the blog posts are actually longer than what you see on the main page. I want to keep the main page looking “clean” so that you can see a bunch of entries easily and then decide what you want to read.
So if you would like to read more of any single entry, you should click on the “continue reading” link, which will take to to the full entry.
Some of you seem to be having trouble with this step. So let’s try a drill.
I’m going to put a “continue reading” button here very soon. Try clicking it and see what happens!

You’re still here, and so am I.
You can achieve the same thing by clicking on the headline on each entry, too.
And to return to the home page, just hit the BACK button on your browser, or click on the banner at the top of the blog — the picture with all the hockey players in it. Or you can click the “previous post” button, and read the, um, previous post.
Al Gore did a great job when he invented the Internet. Most of this stuff is quite intuitive.
Now you know.
We now resume regular programming.