I’m just going to bore you with a brief posting today on the wonders of technology.

No matter where we go we are slaves to the technology in our pockets or on our belts. The iPhones and Blackberries we carry and use to flip emails, texts, Facebook messages and tweets have far, far more tech power and capability than what the Apollo astronauts had at their disposal when they went to the moon. That we choose to use this technology to watch cat videos and engage in flame wars with strangers is a matter for future anthropologists to discuss.

But my core point is that we wouldn’t leave the house without the phone. If it’s not in our hands or very nearby at all times, a facial tic is almost inevitable. And thus it was to become a moment of smashing clarity for me on Sunday.

Loading up to head to the arena for another hockey game I had a sweater, jacket, ipad , iPhone, wallet, house key, car keys and a can of Diet Pepsi. My other hand was also full.

Apparently, something had to give. In a universe of inevitable outcomes I could have dropped keys. Or even the Diet Pepsi — people who know me understand the anguish that would have caused. But being smart folk you’ve jumped to the punch line and are wondering did he drop the iPhone (a 5 model, and yes, it was in a case) or the ipad (a 2 model, also in a protective case.)

I dropped the phone. I’ve dropped the phone many times before and it suffered of my minor scrapes and nicks. I knew intuitively that this time was different. There was no dramatic sound or pop or explosion. But I just knew.

The phone actually still works perfectly. But the screen has a little crack on it that extends from the top right corner down across the screen. If you look very carefully, you might be able to see it.

– – –

The Caps went MIA for about 10 minutes in the second period, took some penalties they would like to have back and when the shelling stopped a very entertaining 1-1 game was 6-1 for the other guys and after a scoreless third period that’s how it ended.

No more games until Friday. So we will take advantage of the lull to play tourist and poke around the island.

And maybe find someone who can do iPhone repairs.