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Before leaving Ben Eoin I spent some time just sitting on the shore enjoying the quiet. It was cold. I was the only human in sight. It was wonderful.

Before leaving Ben Eoin I spent some time just sitting on the shore enjoying the quiet. It wasn’t cold. I was the only human in sight. It was wonderful.

I think I have to chalk up Monday as a travel day.

We awoke in Ben Eion after having a great evening visiting with Laura’s family. The weather was classic Nova Scotia indifference — cool but not cold, cloudy with a spit of rain now and then, sunny with dark rolling clouds, and then rain. A good day to drive the four hours back to Halifax.

Today is Day 6 with out working out for me and I’m getting a little twitchy, but I’ve got a bunch of things going on that are preoccupying my time. It just means I’ll be all the more motivated when I get back. Right?


We had a good visit last night with my folks, then dropped in on my sister for a bit, and then picked up Pad and his girlfriend who, along with another couple, joined us for dinner at a place called Primal Kitchen.

Our friends picked the spot with Pad’s tastes in mind. Which is to say there was a lot of meat on the menu. I’m happy to report my meat consumption was moderate and I had a massive salad.

A good time was had etc etc .

Today I started my morning by heading to the grocery store and loading up on stuff for Laura to turn into freezer-ready meals for the big guy. Spaghetti, chili, that sort of thing. In the meantime I’m taking my dad out for a bit and we will prowl the old hood.

The ATC, where I work out, has started a month-long competitor among the adult athletes to see who can reduce their body fat the most. I have no idea what the rules are but I do know that by the time I get back, everyone else will have a week-long head start on me.

I’d like to say I’m not terribly competitive but I’d probably be stretching the truth a bit.

So on the one hand, everyone else will have a head start on me, having their weigh-in done and a week of hard training under their belts.

On the other hand, because I will have been away from the gym for eight days by the time I’m back, I have no doubt my weight and body fat have inched up. So while I only have three weeks to make a dent, maybe I can figure out a way to leverage my slothful week into a running start, if that makes any sense.

The ATC friendly competition is in conjunction with a separate event being run by MyZone, the company that makes the heart and fitness monitoring gizmos we wear while we train. That competition involves thousands of people around the world — anyone who uses a MyZone monitor — and is really more of a lottery to become eligible to win stuff. Mostly cash, I think.

Stuff is good. Like everyone else, I’ll give it a shot.

We are off to the Annapolis Valley tomorrow for the last game of our visit. The Dal Tigers visit Wolfville to pa,y the Acadia Axemen. The Tigers upset Acadia in the first meeting earlier in the season and the home squad will be out looking for some payback.