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Live from Toronto, It’s Friday Night!

When I was a kid in university we amused ourselves on weekends with the usual, time-tested distractions, which given the family friendly nature of this space I will won’t bother detailing.

You all grew up and did most of the same things with varying degrees of effort/enjoyment/criminal prosecution.

Kids now do all that stuff plus – they go to parties at museums.

On the weekend, Chris opted to stay in town Friday night because he was going out with some friends to the Royal Ontario Museum to . . . party? Yes, party.

I will spare everyone the “when I was a boy” comparisons except to say Chris is having a lot of fun. He SnapChatted some pictures and videos to us from the event which basically featured all the accessories of a night club – live music, drinks, food, pulsing lights – except it was all done under the watchful gaze of a T-Rex skeleton and assorted other dead dinos.

For $13 – which included food but not drinks – it was a pretty good value and the place was packed.

And not just with college kids. There were jazz ensembles scattered around the ROM playing to a less hurly-burly audience of older folks sipping wine and taking in some art and artifacts and I just thought . . . what a great idea all around.

I understand the Ripley’s Aquarium occasionally does the same thing with Jazz Friday Nights.

So, I should just say I need to get out more. Although probably not until after hockey season passes into the books.

A modest thank you to the many emails, Twitter and Facebook comments and posters and re-posters of my piece last week on my home away from home, The Athlete Training Centre.

And a reminder to all you flat-belly wannabes that the open house at ATC is Nov 24 and is shaping up as a terrific event. You can read more about the open house here.

A bunch of people have asked if I had anything to say on last week’s terror attacks by ISIS in the Middle East and Paris. I don’t think I have any special insight, but I will note that it was a bit shocking how many people didn’t even know that what happened in Paris had already happened earlier in the week, in another gruesome format, in Beirut.

So then people say, hey, why isn’t what happened in Beirut news? Well, it is news and it was reported on inside and out, extensively and exhaustively. No, CNN didn’t go wall-to-wall from Beirut, but trust me, it widely reported.

But people in North America are either numb or accustomed to hearing about horrible attacks in the Middle East so they don’t pay much attention, frankly.

Do you know anyone in Beirut? Have you ever been to Beirut? Probably not. But have you been to Paris, or know people who have been to Paris? Yes, you do. I even know people who live in Paris. And those people look and live like we do so those attacks hit you closer to the bone.

The lives of French nationals are no more or less precious than Lebanese or Syrians or Egyptians. But the cold truth is that people in the West react differently to what happens in western Europe or North America than we do to things in Angola or Jordan.

I would hope people would remember that the refugees fleeing Syria are running from the exact sort of terror that was inflicted on Paris. And as one of the world’s wealthiest countries, we should move heaven and Earth to help them in a prudent, orderly and generous manner as best we can.

We are a country of immigrants and refugees, many who came here to escape tyranny somewhere else.

Pay it forward.

We are a little better than halfway through the MyZone™ Global challenge at ATC as well as ATC’s own effort point competition and body fat reduction competition.

My earlier prediction that I will not make a podium finish stands.

But my goal of hitting 5,000 effort points for the month is on target. After being away in Halifax eating seafood and brownies and not working out once for seven days I spotted the field of nearly 50 adult athletes a four-day head start at the beginning of November.

You can get away with that with about 75 per cent of the folks, but the other 25 per cent are warriors and I’m never going to catch up. At one point I managed to rise as high as 8th, but I’m sitting (as of this writing) in 10th place with 13 days left and I will be lucky to hold the spot.

I harbour no illusion of a top five finish but with just under 3000, barring injury or illness I should hit the tape at or about 5000.

To which someone else in my house will ask me, why do you care? When I explained the global challenge had $10,000 in prize money, she then asked “Why aren’t you doing situps?”

And the real answer to why do I care is, I dunno. I just do.