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Some things are old. Some things are boring. Now you can have both in the same place. Welcome to Five for Friday.

Item 1. A couple notes about the Athlete Training Centre, where I work out. There is an open house there tomorrow from 1p to 5p and if you live or work on the west side of greater Toronto and have an interest in getting fit, come take a look.

The bad news tomorrow for the regulars is that the morning 9a class is cancelled owing to the elaborate preparations for the open house. And given that I have a peewee hockey game to help coach at 315p and another pair to convene after that, I won’t be taking part in any of the demos. That’s probably good news for the ATC.

But I will go for the front end of the day to help out any way I can. I owe the joint a lot. Again, you can read my story about the Athlete Training Centre here.

And you can get more details on the open house here.

Item 2: Our boys are getting ready for the sprint run to Christmas break from school. Pad and the Dal Tigers hockey team play their last game of 2015 tonight at Acadia University, and it’s apparently part of the Hockeyville thing that TSN or Rogers runs but we really have no idea since he doesn’t tell us anything.

Dal is once again challenged to make the playoffs but the team is much stronger than last year and I think with one exception they have been in every game this year. Wednesday night’s 4-1 loss to St.FX was really a 2-1 game, save for a pair of empty net goals.

Acadia is ranked #2 nationally and Dal has an overtime win and an overtime loss against the Axemen in their last two meetings. AUS hockey is tough — there are no free passes. Four of the eight teams are in the national Top 10 and another (StFX) is just outside that group. Go Tigers!

Chris has been an essay-writing machine for the past three weeks and he’s going to be done Dec 12, a week before his big bro. I can’t wait to have them both home. I miss my boys.

Item 3: Back at the gym we are in the final days of the November challenge. As predicted earlier I will not win. But I said my goal was to hit 5000 effort points and I’ll cross that threshold this weekend. Without going into all the details of how the points are accumulated, it’s a moral victory.

I missed the first four days of the month while in Nova Scotia so 5000 was a big hurdle — I expect only six or seven of the 50 people in the competition will get to that mark. It doesn’t mean I’m a better athlete or I’m in better shape. I think it just means I have possible OCD issues.

One other gym note — we did a tug of war thing today to finish off and guess what? It’s way harder than it looks. It was the first time we’ve done one of these in my time at ATC and it was a hoot but it was hard.

So, I can add this to the growing list of things that challenge me, including but not limited to pull ups, push ups, barbell rows, running, levitating . . it’s a long list. I’m actually quite good at sit ups, though.

And water breaks. I’m the Olympic medalist of water breaks.

Item 4: The weather this week threw us a curve. Early in the week I was wearing a wool top coat and scarf. The last two days all I needed was a sports coat.

If this would keep up I could get the old Bianchi out for one last weekend spin but the forecast looks grim and I’ve little interest in cycling in bad weather.

It’s 15 right now but will plummet to -2 with rain tonight. Sun tomorrow but still cold. Cold does not make for a fun time on the bike.

The good news is the Christmas lights are already up. We just need to figure out when, after Dec 1, we will set the timers and fire them up.

Item 5: We got the new stove last night. Honestly, we don’t like it. It doesn’t have an exterior light. It only has one external plug (our old stove had two, one on each side.) The bottom drawer is smaller. The smooth glass-top surface is black, not freckled like the old one, meaning every smudge is easily seen and that’s not good for people with OCD. The clock doesn’t count down the time during pre-heating. Other than that, I guess it heats up stuff and cooks things just fine, although that’s still just an assumption at this point because we haven’t used it yet.

Chris is coming home this weekend (yay!) and we have a shared mission to get a TV to replace the one that died last Saturday night.

We are quite happy with the 50-inch LG we moved up from the basement, but we will still need to get another one lest the boys’ viewing needs encroach on parental living quarters.

We have a target in mind. I’ll let you know later if it works out.

See you tomorrow at ATC. Tell them Nuzman sent you!