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Time for five for Friday. I have no idea what to say. I’ll be honest. I’m just filling in the spaces right now and hope it makes sense.

Item 1: Awesome workout today. The group was a little smaller than usual but the music was a little louder and everyone was having a good time. Why do Fridays always feel more fun?

It was as much of a good time as you can have running suicides, doing ropes and sweating at 6 a.m. , but me, I enjoyed it.

There was a funny moment yesterday just before spin when Richard asked Mike – one of the top athletes and nicest people at ATC – what music genre he wanted for the spin. Mike got the honours because he was the winner of the November challenge. Mike was flummoxed so Richard turned to me to name a genre and I picked Motown.

And then much chirping ensued. Mostly from the women. I don’t get it. I know I’m old but cripes, who doesn’t like Motown? Anyway, today – without asking – Richard put Motown on for the first 20 minutes and there was more chipring. He told the class if they wanted to change the music maybe they should get to the top of the leaderboard.

I laughed.

Next time he asks, I want Houndmouth! Or Drive By Truckers. St. Paul and the Broken Bones. I’ll take them way off the grid.

In addition to ropes and running there were curls, sawbacks and dumb bell row pushups, all in a cardio-event-inducing circuit.

It was great. I think.

Item 2: If you’ve followed the fuss about the prime minister hiring two nannies for his children on the taxpayers’ dime, you likely fall into one of two camps.

One, what’s the fuss about, or two, he’s a hypocrite because he campaigned against child benefit entitlements for well-to-do Canadian families.

Well, I’m in camp three.

I also oppose child benefit entitlements for well-to-do families. But I’m also able to draw a distinction between ordinary well-to-do Canadian families and the prime minister of Canada.

I didn’t care that Stephen Harper’s kids flew on government planes with their dad. He’s busy. His plane is going to Vancouver anyway. There’s no reason NOT to take his kid. And I don’t care that Trudeau and his wife have a young family and a demanding public job and need help. It’s not apples to apples to compare him to a lawyer down the street.

The other question I have is where do you draw the line on what the PM should get?

Should the prime minister’s residence not have a gardener? Should there be no maintenance? Should he pay for security out of his pocket for his family? Travel? Food? State dinners? Are we really going to be like this forever?

I’m not aware that this is even a point of conversation in any other G8 country. Our prime ministers – regardless of party – should not be worrying about finding babysitters or wondering if there’s milk in the fridge. Part of the problem is most people just don’t understand how ridiculously, stupidly busy the prime minister and cabinet ministers are, and how poorly they are paid relative to the responsibility they have.

Canadians – many of us anyway – are a petty, mean spirited, small-minded bunch about stuff like this, and the media (cough cough) are the worst of the lot.

If he AND his spouse (and she is a big part of this job now) are expected to attended functions six nights a week and they have young kids, then to me it’s a no brainer. They need help and they need it to do their jobs properly.

Why do we have to be so small minded? I don’t get it.

Item 3: I mentioned the other day that my son Chris was off to see Houndmouth, a band we both like, perform at a local radio station.

I warned him that he might have trouble getting in – small venue, popular band, etc  etc.

Oh dad. Don’t worry. I’ll get in.

Later that morning he texted me a picture of him and his housemate with the lead singer/guitarist from the band, hanging out.

And that, in a nutshell, is Chris. He doesn’t just “go” to something. He gets immersed in it. I keep expecting a call to hear he’s the new chancellor at the university or something.

He can be a little like Ferris Bueller in that respect. His gifts are a blessing and a curse, but always entertaining.

Actual text conversation with him last night:

Me: How was your day?

Him: Good. I’m at Lee’s Palace. (A Toronto nightclub.)

Me: Oh. Who’s playing?

Him: Gypsy Chief Goliath. We have never heard of them we just wanted to go out.

Just another night out.

Item 4: Regardless of whether you are a Tiger Woods fan, it cannot be denied that he is one of the defining athletes of the 21st century thus far.

Soaring success and crushing personal defeat and everything in between. An American saga.

He did an interview with Toronto writer Lorne Rubenstien that is in Time Magazine. There’s a lot of insight there into the world of the elite pro athlete.

Imagine being so famous you can’t walk into a restaurant in any country, anywhere, ever, without being recognized and mobbed. Think about that.

Click here to read the story.

Item 5: Less hockey this weekend. University hockey has shut down until January. The boys practiced all week but shift into exam mode now and the skates become optional until Dec 29, when they are expected to show up ready to work.

So, no Friday night in front of the TV and the fire cheering for the Tigers.

But the peewee Packers are back in action tomorrow riding the wave of two big wins last weekend.

The boys hit the road for their first tournament of the season a week from today in Kingston, a journey they will have to make without me.