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For the first time in a long time I did something different on a weekday morning. I stayed in bed.

My habit since late June is to (mostly happily?) get up at 515a or so and head to the gym every Monday through Friday for a workout. Contorting on artificial turf at 6a is not really “fun” – that’s the wrong word. And pushing weight and pulling yourself through circuit training and flop sweating in the spin room is not entirely a recreational pursuit.

Did I mention the 6a part?

But it is a decent way to start a day and you get fit – or fitter, at least – and you meet some really good people.

With the exception of days when the place is closed – Sundays and holidays – and days when I was sick (three) and days when I was out of town, I can’t remember a weekday since late June when I just stayed in bed rather than work out. (Other than when I was ordered out of the place to rest in late August.)

Today I wasn’t sick or out of town. I wasn’t hurting. There was no injury. But Richard  — who trains us and whom we entrust with our well being — he likes to make sure that recovery days are part of the training regime. And he has been suggesting I needed to take a day or two and just let my system catch up.

Arguing with Richard is pointless, so I did.

Naturally I woke up at the usual time but I didn’t get up and I actually went back to sleep for a bit longer. And I took a different train to the city and it felt weird to drive to the GO station instead of the gym and yeah, I know all this sounds stupid to you.

And what’s worse is that Thursday is the toughest workout of the week. It just is. And I wouldn’t normally want to miss that. But I also don’t like to miss Fridays, and I don’t like to miss Saturday because Saturday is the most fun day at the gym, and on Sunday I enjoy doing my own thing at home when the gym is closed.

So, I pulled the trigger and took a pass today. The theory is that tomorrow I’ll be stronger for having taken an off day. And my own experience from the summer supports that thinking. The idea is with the rest your body recovers from the rigours of training and performs better.

And waking up at a slower pace in a warm house (the furnace hasn’t kicked on by the time I leave most days) and missing out on rolling around on the artificial turf isn’t without its charms, too.

But still. Weird for me. We will see how Friday goes, unless I decide to sleep late again.

On the home front, we managed to get the Christmas tree up on Tuesday night – not decorated, mind you. Just, up.

Last night while Laura was curling, Chris and I went into phase two and started the decorating. I use the word “started” deliberately because our work is subject to review and edit by his mother and there are still a fair number of things we didn’t put on the tree yet.

Plus I have no doubt the lights will be rearranged and other accessories of the season will be adjusted in some way. It’s a tradition.

After we finished our portion of the decorating – complete with a barrage of SnapChats at his brother in Halifax – we then invented a parlour game which I’m calling “Have You Heard?”

Because we can connect our iphones to the home stereo via Bluetooth, we sat in the living room in the glow of the lighted tree and took turns calling up Youtube videos of favourite live music performances, challenging the other to do better. Maybe it was a guy thing, but it was great fun.

Chris, I think, was the winner for surfacing this video of Gary Clark Jr. and John Mayer performing Born Under a Bad Sign from a few years back. If you like blues guitar, it’s a show stopper. It’s also a good mid-day diversion.