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On a winter’s Sunday I go
To clear away the snow and green the ground below
April, all an ocean away, is this the better way to spend the day?
Keeping the winter at bay

— January Hymn, The Decemberists

We really don’t have much to complain about this winter around the weather, but I’m not going to let that stop me.

Yesterday, for the third straight Monday since the end of the holiday break, the weather has been, well, winter-like. In each of these weeks, Monday has been the coldest, most miserable day of the week and frankly if you have to stand on a train platform to start your week, that’s cruel.

Well, at least until today. Which was colder and more miserable. Yay.

There’s a small blessing to be had that we actually use our garage for parking the cars, unlike most of the people on our street. The advantages are that I don’t actually have to go outside first thing in the morning (except today, for garbage day) and there’s never frost on the windows to be scraped off first thing in the morning.

But the garage is still plenty cold and (old man whine again) my car doesn’t have heated seats. Heated seats would make the start of a -14 day a lot better.

And on top of all that, yesterday was what pop culture calls Blue Monday. I assumed that it was invented by a bunch of psychologists who wanted to be interviewed by the CBC, but even better, it turns out it was invented by a travel company to remind us how much happier we would be somewhere warmer.

“Somewhere warmer” for me was the inside of a GO train car today. I’d really like to do better that that but it beats the platform.

Week 1 of “the ATC challenge” is in the books. With lots of help on the home front I managed to eat totally vegan meals four times last week and have already had two more this week, which is more than required AND WHY THE HELL DID I DO THAT IS THIS SOME KIND OF JEDI MIND TRICK?

I joke. We had a spectacular meal Sunday night of black bean and sweet potato enchiladas and cream of tomato soup with chick pea croutons. Two weeks ago if you tried to bring a chick pea into my house I’d have beaten you with a side of ribs. Last night, it was a heavy salad and leek soup.

Instead of ice cream, we sometimes have sorbet. We eat salsa and whole grain tortilla chips as a snack. I’m still hitting the gym regularly and the net result is weight loss – basically I’ve dropped almost all of the “December Screw The Rules” weight gain. So now, on to the serious training.

It’s only mid-January but I’m impressed by the continued strong turnout at training at 6a. We still have 15 to 20 people there most days and the weather has been colder, snowier and more wintery than it was last month. They continue to be in a good mood. But the challenge goes on until April 1, and getting everyone across the line without someone committing an axe murder may be hard.

There are things to do at 515a that are way easier than going outside in January – like sleeping. So good on the devoted and crazy. The commitment cannot be discounted. People are trying.

If you need a January diversion, listen to this song I referenced up above by The Decemberists.

The peewee Packers took three of a possible four points on the weekend, marking eight consecutive league games without a loss. In that time we have climbed modestly up the standings, but also have played ourselves into contention.

The boys deserve credit.

The Dal Tigers split their weekend pair, losing 2-0 (with an empty goal) to the powerhouse UNB Raiders on Friday night before taking a 4-1 win over UPEI on Saturday while a blizzard hammered Halifax.

The storm kept the boys from making their usual Saturday night foray into downtown Halifax but it wouldn’t have mattered since there was no one there. Guys, look at all the money you saved!