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Dinner time conversation in our house.

(Fade in, scene of someone opening the Advil.)

G: Knee?

L: (Getting ice pack for knee) Knee.

(G takes the Advil, opens it again, with heating pad on elbow.)

L: Elbow?

G: Elbow.

Both: We’re falling apart.

L: Stay home or work through it.

G: Work through it. I’ll get you wine.

L: There’s sparkling water in the fridge.

(Fade out as theme music for House of Cards rises . . .)

– – –

It wasn’t to be for the peewee Packers last night, falling 5-1 in the MOHA peewee red semi finals.

No excuses – in a one-game win-or-go-home setting, the other guys were better. We led the game, we hit some iron, but we didn’t finish and the other guys kept coming. They deserved the win.

We have a large war chest for a cracker of a team party and when the epilogue is written on the season there will be few regrets. We had a terrific group of young men who frankly have the tools for the years ahead of them that will define them as great citizens if not NHL players.

In two decades of house league coaching I have never once had a future NHLer pass through my bench, but I have seen dozens and dozens of kids define their own versions of greatness. If guys like me and Dave and Rich and all the other coaches on the other teams truly understand minor hockey, then no other barometer of success is needed.

Well, except championships. Yeah, I mean all of that stuff above but I would prefer we had won.

But it was a fun season with great kids and supportive parents. As Dave said last night, go do the next thing. Play soccer or baseball or lacrosse or whatever. Keep having fun. Work hard in school. Meet some new friends and live your lives.

The championship game isn’t for more than two weeks, so the two finalists are going to be challenged to stay on point for the next while. Good luck to both squads, we have lots of friends in both camps.

As of tomorrow, three weeks left to go in the ATC challenge. The end isn’t in sight yet, but it’s almost visible through piles of kale, chick peas, water, physiotherapy receipts and My-Zone effort points.

To put the duration in context, it started barely after everyone turned off their Christmas lights and it will end after Easter. Almost three full calendar months – 81 days, more precisely.

I managed to work out today and have pants in the locker room to wear after I showered. No ATC bonus points for that, but I think my friends are more comfortable with me on the street in pants.

The school year for Pad and Chris has barely a month left, speaking of time flies when you’re sweating your butt off.

Patrick will be home from Halifax on or about April 16 and Chris around the same.

Chris is in the hunt for summer employment and is game to do just about anything. If you want a tall, fit, smart, clean, punctual, witty employee for a few months, please drop me a line and I’ll point him your way to fill out an application.

The speed with which this past school year has gone by simply floors me. Please slow down the merry-go-round so I can enjoy my kids for a longer time.