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The view from the shotgun seat.

The view from the shotgun seat.

Five for Friday seemed like such a clever idea 10 days ago. Then the combination of work, travel, and my diminishing memory conspired to override that thought.

So just to keep it going, let’s pretend today’s update is just a late version of Friday.  On with the show.

    1. I’m actually writing this portion of the entry on Saturday morning. Dal lost 4-2 last night to Moncton. It was a decent game and except for about an eight minute stretch it could have gone either way. Our guy played well I thought and was certainly the most physical presence in the game, delivering one highlight reel open ice hit that was a show stopper. But he’d rather have two points for a win. Back at it tonight again St. Thomas and Dal really needs to win this one. Obviously I’ll update things later.

  1. A few weeks ago I told you about my adventures with orthotics — custom-fitted insoles to support my pancake-flat feet, especially during workouts but for every day life too.  Well, it turns out it was back to the drawing board. I may have lost weight but I’m still a big guy and the beating I put on the orthotics essentially flattened them out. That’s not a good thing –  the idea of an orthotic is to push your arch up, and give more support to your foot, ankle, legs, hips, etc. They are a part of the get-healthier program — they make it easier and safer to run, with less pain, for example. So, yeah.  I flattered those suckers out.  So the good folks at the clinic took them back and reengineered them — this time going with a Fiberglas construction which, they claimed, I would not be able to flatten no matter what. So far it seems to be standing up — no pun intended — to the wear and tear.
  2. I have been eating my way through Halifax thus far. Dinner with Pad on Thursday night at the Keg. Lunch at legendary roadside joint Chickenburger. Clams on the harbour front at Saltys. I bought fish and chips that we delivered for my parents — but I didn’t have any. Instead I just ate mom’s brownies. Yes. I need more plants right now!
  3. Atlantic universities hockey update: the Dal Tiger beat St Thomas 5-1 on Saturday night, taking a badly needed two points and earning a split of the weekend games. It also meant the boys were in a bouyant mood as they headed out to mark Halloween — yes, 20-something young men still dress up for Halloween. The footprints all over social media would suggest they had a very good time. No arrests.
  4. En route to Cape Breton on Sunday we stopped just east of Antigonish at a famous Nova Scotia diner, Mother Webbs. It’s part truck stop, part family restaurant, part land that time forgot. Richard, our trainer and leader at ATC, constantly hammers away at us about the importance of diet in our daily regime. His mantra is simple — eat more plants. My guess is that he’s never been to Mother Webbs. Green stuff is pretty much MIA on the menu in favor of all manner of meaty and deep-fried things served with gravy. Even the club sandwich comes only on white bread. In the classic 80s film Risky Business, Joel  — the sheltered suburban Chicago teen played by Tom Cruise who spectacularly breaks out of his shell — utters the words that would become a rallying call for generations of men to follow: “Sometimes, you just have to say ‘What the fuck.’ ” and we did.

We will head back to Halifax today after a nice afternoon and evening in Ben Eoin on the rain and wind whipped shore of East Bay. Lots of great memories here and it’s been too long since I have seen the view. I’m glad we made the trip.

We had a great dinner and talked a lot. It was fun.